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We experience an open aromatic nose where tangerine jumps out charmingly. Also rich impressions of ripe apple with white-yellow stone fruit are present. In the tasteful aftertaste we find the fresh stimuli of tangerine with a long elegant finish. Conclusion: full aromatic fruitiness for this Junmai Daiginjo, brewed by KitagawaHonke in Kyoto.

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Brewery: KitagawaHonke (Fushimi, Kyoto)
Type: Junmai DaiGinjo
Rice: 100% Yamadanishiki
Polishing Ratio: 49%
Alcohol: 15%
Content: 720ml
Sake Meter Value: +1.0
Serve temperature: 10-20°C
Goes well with: Lacquered dishes, spicy preparations, ...

* Delivered in its individual cardboard box.

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