Playful & Fresh Sparkling Sake Dry

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A new sake for a new era! A very recent product (2015-2016) on the timeline of sake.

With this sparkling sake we experience a rich bouquet of exotic fruit, nicely balanced with a touch of argrum. The fresh, soft aftertaste reminds us of a ripened champagne, like a Millésime.

Be surprised!

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Additional information

Type: Futsushu
Rice: Hyogo Rice Blend
Polishing Ratio: > 70%
Alcohol: 11%
Content: 200ml
Sake Meter Value: -15
Serve temperature: 5-10°C
Goes well with: Tapas, nuts, appetizers, fried snacks
Ingredients: Water, rice, malted rice and alcohol from the brewer

* International Wine Challenge® 2018: Bronze Medal (Category Sake)

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Sparkling Sake Dry

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