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Red Sweet

€ 14,40

A funky modern sake with a rosé color. This color is because the brewer used dark red, almost black rice for this product.

A very short fermentation results in a very sweet beverage. Atypical for a sake, just like the alcoholpercentage of only 11%.

Perfect to pair as starter or dessert.


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Additional information

Brewery: Sakuramasamune (Kobe, Hyogo)
Type: Futsushu
Rice: Shikokumai & Ippanmai rice (mix)
Polishing Ratio: Mixed polish ratio
Alcohol: 11
Content: 360ml
Sake Meter Value: - 40
Serve temperature: 5-10°C
Goes well with: as an alternative to sweet white wine
Ingredients: Water, rice, koji, yeast

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Red Sweet
A Saké a day, keeps the doctor away!
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