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Mare Sakura

€ 19,50

For this Saké, the brewery Sakuramasamune used local rice from the Hyogo prefecture.

Both nose and taste correspond perfectly in this perfect harmony. A neutral bouquet that still has the necessary freshness (green apple) and playfulness. 

Because of this harmony and freshness we can easily incorporate this sake in a sauce or during a cooking process.

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Additional information

Brewery: Sakuramasamune (Kobe, Hyogo)
Type: Futsushu
Rice: Rice blend from Hyogo
Polishing Ratio: 70%
Alcohol: 15-16°
Content: 720ml
Sake Meter Value: +3.0
Serve temperature: 10-45°C
Ingredients: Water, rice, malted rice, alcohol from the brewer

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Mare Sakura
Saké can be combined with everything!
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