Fujitaikan Blue Label

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We observe a slightly aromatic nose with a hint of melon. It has a nice structure and a mild flavor that allows you to enjoy the natural flavor of the rice. 

The bottle is named after a famous artist, Taikan. He used to paint Mount Fuji.

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Additional information

Brewery: Morishima Shuzo (Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki)
Type: Junmai
Rice: 100% Miyamanishiki
Polishing Ratio: 65%
Alcohol: 15%
Content: 720ml
Sake Meter Value: +2
Serve temperature: 10°C
Goes well with: Fish, chicken, salads
Ingredients: Water, rice, koji, yeast

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Fujitaikan Blue Label
Every bottle of Japanese Saké is a bottle of culture.
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