Azumino Umeshu

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It is a rich plum wine prepared with undiluted sake, which is rare throughout the country. Nutritious plums grown in Azumino, which is rich in nature spreading at the foot of the Northern Alps, and plums ordered from Yamanashi at the foot of the Southern Alps, are selected, and brewed with clear underground water from the Northern Alps and healthy sake rice from Azumino. 

The unprocessed sake has a lower alcohol content than shochu and brandy, and it is difficult to brew plum wine, but compared to other things, the taste is mild and very easy to drink. Moreover, because it has been lying around for eight years, there are plenty of plum extracts and you can't taste the flavor of the added honey mixed with it anywhere else. 

500ml - 17% alcohol

Made by Fukugen Shuzo (Nagano)

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Brewery: Fukugen Shuzo (Nagano)

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Azumino Umeshu
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