Oku 10 Year

€ 47,00

This sake has been aged for ten years at a low temperature of less than 10°C.

Enjoy the slightly withered flavor that time has created, while retaining the delicious floral aroma. The depth of sake has been further explored.

Here we will experience a fantastic and complex blend between grain and lacticity with a soft caramel (sweet-bitter) and wood note.

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Additional information

Brewery: Yamazaki Goshi (Nishio, Aichi)
Type: Junmai Ginjo Genshu
Rice: 100% Yumesansui
Polishing Ratio: 60%
Alcohol: 18,5%
Content: 720ml
Sake Meter Value: +2
Serve temperature: 10-45°C
Goes well with: Meat, cheese

* Delivered in the corresponding carton box.

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Oku 10 Year
Saké doesn't fight with food.
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