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Kobe, Hyogo prefectureSakuramasamune 櫻正宗

Sakuramasamune is a premium saké brewery located in Nada, district in Kobe, one of the largest regions of sake breweries in Japan. Since 1625, always under the direction of the Yamamura family - currently the 11th generation - they strive for the best quality saké.

Remarkably, the Sakuramasamune yeast was selected by the Japanese Sake Brewers Association (Nihon Jozo Kyokai) in 1907 as "Sake Yeast Kyokai No.1". In 1910, the 8th head of the family founded the "Yamamura Sake-Brewing Laboratory", the first private research institute in Japan.

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Kioto, Kioto prefectureKitagawaHonke

KitagawaHonke is another top-brewery but located in the old capital of Japan, Kyoto. Since 1657, currently under the direction of Mr. Kitagawa. 

The brewery strives to get the most out of their rice, be it traditional (by hand) or modern (automated) brewing, they want to bring their know-how as good as possible.

Remarkable is their very extensive range of umeshu. Here, too, we experience know-how and finesse in balancing the taste of these products.

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